Upset with himself for even thinking about talking to another man while he was in a relationship with Josh--for letting his old addiction almost ruin the relationship that would last a lifetime.


In the middle of a beach in Iceland, without hesitation Josh bent down on one knee.


Afraid that he was not deserving of Josh, that his past still haunted the relationship. He had used anonymous sex to self-medicate for years and he felt that was all he had to offer, often considering himself ‘damaged goods.’


This was the start of a new chapter in Austin’s life. After years of dealing with the emotional abuse due to his mother’s bipolar disorder, he was finally able to silence the voice in his head that told him he would never be enough. Never knowing what a healthy relationship looked like, he now had one to call his own.


Josh was the one. Austin had only had emotionless connections, but Josh had meaning. From their first date, Austin knew there was something different about Josh. And this remained true as they started to merge their lives together. Josh knew all about Austin’s family, his troubled childhood, and wholeheartedly accepted everything they would have to deal with and vowed to deal with it together.
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