Unconditional love for the woman who raised her to be strong and resilient and to face life with optimism. And the love of her father, her two brothers and her boyfriend, the devoted support system that would take on this journey together.


Afraid of the disease, of what it would do to her mother and what it would do to her. Terrified to think about days like her wedding or her first child being born without her mother being there or worse, with her mother there but not fully aware. 


Because she knew this day would come but she never planned for it. No one really plans for their mother to get early onset Alzheimer’s, even when it runs in the family. She’s seen what the disease does and now she’ll have to watch her mom go through it. The dynamic between her and her mother would shift forever. Once the caretaker, her mom would not be the one needing someone to take care of her.
Mark Fear Sadness Love